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So this Sunday I was going to speak at The Vista. However, due to the tragic events in Virgina we are going to stop, pause and ask questions.

When these types of incidents happen. It does not cause me to question God…It reminds me of evil. Evil exist, darkness surrounds us and we Christ-followers have to embrace that reality.

God’s called us to partner with him to help restore the world, bring heaven to earth and push back evil. Virginia is an unfortunate and sad reminder.

Every Christ-follower has to ask themselves this question.

1. What can I do to help push back evil. How can I show the world that love does win, that Christ does care? We are “sent” people. We are sent into the darkness-So darkness can be exposed and light can shine.


  1. I believe the best way to push back evil is to steadily invite the manifest presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Focus on the presence of God in your life and the lives of those around you. When Jesus manifests, evil flees. Clinton E. Arnold in Power and Magic says “God’s superior power is available to believers and is working for their best interest – He desires to mediate it to his people for their protection and growth.”

  2. I think about Daniel Chapter 10. Daniel was in prayerful communion with God. While Daniel was in prayer, unknown to him, a battle against evil was taking place in the heavens. It took an extended time, but the power of evil was eventually defeated. And it was because of Daniels prayerful communion with God.

  3. There comes a point where we finish praying, studying, planning, singing, etc. and we have to move into the darkness. We have got to become people who are not trapped inside the fortress of our sanctuary, locking the doors against the darkness. We must be God’s people who walk fearlessly into the darkness and push back.

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