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I wonder why the “goodness” of humanity comes out in tragedy? When bad things happen, we hug, cry, mourn etc. The world has embraced V. Tech. We are now all “Hokies.” At least for a day, or a season.

Just like we embraced NYC/DC after 9/11/-New Orleans/Gulf Coast after Katrina-Amish after the school-house shootings. Need we forget the Tsunami, or the Pakistan earthquake?

Unfortunately it seems that we need “deep” tragedy to feel human, to stop what we are doing and pay attention…At least for a moment.

To me this shows the beauty of humanity. The great potential of people. But we all know it’s a matter of time till we move on. Engulfed in our own busyness.

I just wish somehow we can change this…I wish somehow it did not take an “epic” incident. I want to learn how to love my neighbor-just because it’s the right thing to do.


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  1. hey interesting thoughts here. thanks.

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