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I was asked recently by a fellow pastor why I spend so much time at cafe’s?

My response, “Why would a missionary be locked away in an office?”

His response, “I never thought of it that way?”

Maybe we need to re-think the titles we give ourselves? As a church planter, I see myself with an apostolic gift.  I don’t want to plant a church, I want to help start a movement with team of other fellow Christ-followers that will cause long-term change.

Pastor-Do you spend too much time in the office?

Pastor-Do you spend enough time with the disconnected-with those who do not follow Christ?

As pastors/leaders we must set the pace. I want to do life with those who do not know Christ.

I do spend time in the office. I just don’t want to hideout there and become so busy doing church work that I no longer connect with those outside the church.



  1. I’ve been considering a post along these lines, but on a different angle. More about me getting bored at cafes and needing to talk to people. At least here in SoCal it seems hard to just talk to people at starbucks or panera bread or some other less corporate place. People are stuck in their laptops or their newspapers. Do you find that you are really able to have conversations with people?

  2. Hey Eric,

    Valid thoughts for sure. That may be the difference in Cali and TX or even NC. People do talk here. Of course they are also on their laptops also.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in 1 cafe, Seattle’s Best Coffee. After 9 months I know all the barista’s names and they also know mine.

    In two weeks my church is doing some “live” music at the cafe. So the relationship has morphed and now I get to have more conversations.

    Although, I think you have to be intentional. I usually will put out some books that will catch people attention. I have stickers that cause conversation to happen via my laptop.

    Hope all is well in Cali.

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