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Being a type A kinda dude. I’ve always had a hard time trusting in God’s sovereignty. On one hand I truly think some folks use sovereignty as an excuse for poor leadership and decision-making.

But the past year I’ve seen God’s sovereignty. Yesterday I walked into Seattle Best Coffee. They had a huge picture of the Puget Sound with a ferry trolling the waters. I miss that sight. I miss my friends in Seattle.

But I gotta tell you. I can’t believe how things have worked out here in Austin. I love the city (just wish I could live in Seattle every July & August), I love my job and Necole’s job is doing great.  I really feel like I’m taking the next steps to increase my leadership potential.

And to top that off. Necole’s parents, sister and future brother-in-law are moving to Austin. They are looking for a house today. A few months ago my future brother-in-law was asked by his company if he wanted to take over in Austin. Of course he said yes. He needs to hire some folks, so he hired my father-in-law and they are going to build the business here in Austin & San Antonio.

I say all that to say this. Last summer when we left Seattle. We struggled because we wanted to be close to family. But we wanted to live in Austin. (not Dallas) We felt God leading us here. I’m glad we came 🙂

Sometimes we have to learn to trust God in the darkness. Faith comes in times of struggle and pain. So when we emerge out of that season. We are stronger, we understand God’s voice and how he moves. We simply just become better more focused disciples.

Life is not perfect. I would give my left arm if Tre, the Nussbaum’s and the Ashdown’s (I’ll throw in the Pellet’s also) lived in Austin.

God is good. Sometimes it’s really hard to see the “goodness.” Bailey asked me the other day why parents have to so hard on little kids. Sometimes I say the same thing to God.

I told Bailey it’s because parents know what kids need. I think God says the same thing.



  1. Thanks for “throwing” us in. Glad you all are doing so well.

  2. simply beautiful post moving beyond hindsight being 20/20, to a plan is in place and it is radical and just as crazy as God would have … long live Austin.

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