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I love to connect. I love conversations. I love people who are striving to be missional. Yesterday I was able to hang out with Allen Rigg at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse.

Allen pastors a rather large Calvary Church here in Austin. If you hung out with him you would have no clue how many folks attend his church. Truthfully, I learned a lot about humility and grace from him yesterday.

We had some great conversations about the emerging church, theology, and culture. Man I get so pumped when I have those conversations.  We discussed some issues with church planting. We need more…Their is simply not enough churches being planted to keep up with the population growth. Yet, we (American/Global church) seem to be having a hard time training and funding new churches.

I really wonder what it will take to build effective healthy churches? On one hand it’s spiritual. On the other it’s practical. Maybe next week I will try and post some more thoughts on this issue. I really think my past church planting experiences have really helped shape me in this area. I can help people learn from my mistakes. But the biggest issue to me is this-From the top down-We just don’t seem to have a good grasp on church planting. Some succeed, most fail…And the majority just simply struggle. Why is that?

Shalom from Austin!


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