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So I hit the gym this morning and headed to the office. I prepared my daily to-do list to make sure I stay on task and have a productive day!

Good right?

Actually NO-Its not good.


Because its work. You know projects, stuff to get done. Then I can check it off and feel good about myself. I can tell myself I’m a good pastor who works hard, like the corporate dudes!

But maybe I missed the point.

Maybe I need to be more of a spiritual pastor and less of a corporate spiritual leader.

Maybe I need to embrace the weight of pastoring?

See this morning I’ve yet to pray, repent, read the Bible, seek God for my family and my church.

This morning I’m operating as if this pastoral thing is just a job, and if I finish my to-do list then I will have done my job.

My church needs me to be a pastor that knows the heart and voice of God.

My family needs me to the man that sets the spiritual pace.

This morning I’ve been highly productive-and yet I’ve already failed in my role as a pastor, a husband and father.

When will I learn?



  1. Solid morning devotions are hard to cement. It will be a life long balance. I heard it said that a man can have only one true (that he excels at) time consuming activity. Be it family (for those of us with them), exercise, wood working, golf or whatever. I know you have your priorities right. It is just a matter of finding the right blend of time.

  2. so i this morning i read this by Brother Lawrence, “When i had finished, I would examine how i had perfrmed my duty (his work for the day). If well, I gave Him thanks. If ill, I besought His pardon. Then, without losing heart, I set my spirit right, and returned anew to His presence, as though I had never wandered from Him.” I feel you brother, this is a discipline I’m currently trying to work on.

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