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Tonight was like most nights in the Marlow home. Dinner, homework, clean up etc. Somehow we got to discussing Shane who is Necole’s brother and was killed in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago.

We’ve had discussions before. But for some reason this really hurt Kenzie. She begin in cry and get upset-she wasnted her uncle. Even though she had never met him.

At bedtime Bailey prayed, “Lord, please send my uncle back to earth-raise him from the dead!”

The sadness was deep in my soul. I hurt for my wife who misses her brother more then words can express. I hurt for my girls as I know they can’t comprehend the totality of the situation. They just simply want to know their uncle.

Life is not fair. Healing will never be complete this side of heaven.

We live in a “less-then” world. It’s was never meant to be this way.

And that makes me sad.


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