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I remember reading books when I was a kid. Books of other kids who lived adventurous childhood’s. I used to dream about peaceful communities, you know the “leave it to Beaver” type of community.

I desire to slow down….To be….To relax and enjoy life. I think we American’s, who are driven and motivated, have a hard time admitting that we want to slow down. It doesn’t seem right. But you have to wonder why the fabric of America seems to be broken?

We are too busy, we are going too many places, too many emails, too many phone calls. Not enough community. We are scared of silence. It haunts us-it haunts me. I have the internet, Xbox live, aol, and so on.

I want to sip tea and sit on the front porch. I want to know my neighbor. I know many of us continue this journey towards balance and rhythm. We desire it, we crave it, we want it. But it just seems so dang hard to capture.

I love to work. We are designed to work, and work hard. But we are also designed to rest and be still. Why does the latter seem so much more difficult.


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  1. come on now – we all know you want to sip COFFEE and not tea….lets be honest here…

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