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Very disappointed in the Lakers. We had such a great start and we folded.

Cannot believe the Mavs lost in 6 games to the Warriors. I think we assume some players are superstars. Dirk is not a superstar. Why, because superstars carry their teams.

I have a trade proposal. Dirk for Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. Dirk needs a “Kobe” and Kobe needs a “Dirk.” The Mavs would have Bynum, Lamar and Howard for a long-term run. I think the NBA teams need to be more aggressive in trades.

I hate the Yankees. How can a team pay 28 million for 1/2 season to anyone. That is more then A-Rod get for a full season. The rich get richer!

Playoff hockey rocks, too bad nobody cares!


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