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I was so stoked about Spidy 3. However, I’ve heard so many bad reviews, I may just wait to watch it on DVD. So sad. Can you say Matrix 3, Godfather 3, and just about any other “3.”

Has there ever been a good/great 3rd movie other then Lord Of The Rings?



  1. Good plan on waiting for DVD…I don’t recommend Spidey3. As for good trilogies, I was actually pretty pleased with Star Wars Episode III (and Return of the Jedi, which completed the original trilolgy.)

  2. Kayla beat me to it!

    Definitely cannot say Superman III was any good (that was the one with Richard Prior). An embarrassment, to be sure.

  3. i will wait to fully comment after 2 movies:

    Shrek 3
    Ocean’s 13.

    We may have a saving grace.

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