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How does Dirk have as many MVP’s as Shaq?

How does Nash have two more MVP’s them Kobe?

Nobody in the NBA would say Nash is better then Kobe-Or Dirk is better then Shaq.

I love Dirk & Nash. But I just don’t get the whole MVP thing in the NBA.

PS: Shaq & Kobe haters please spare me-facts are what they are!



  1. fact: on no fingers show me kobes titles without shaq

    fact: shaq and miami were handed the title last year.
    how many times has dallas lost four in row?
    fact: 1 time, in the finals with a foul discrepancy off the charts. fishy!

    fact: look at the win loss record when nash is out.

    fact: nash is still playing

    fact: the percentage of amare and marion scoring when nash doesnt set them up to dunk or shoot an open three is abysmal. its been charted.

    fact: dirk is a ghost. actually disappeared against golden state.

    fact: nash is more VALUABLE to his team because he makes those around him better.

    fact: kobe is the most OUTSTANDING player who can score anyway humanly possible.

    too bad they give the award to the most valuable.

    im so glad the facts speak for themselves

  2. hey Marlows…thanks for the grubb…it was groovalicious!!

  3. Um, Strange the whole Kobe no titles without Shaq is lame-if you watched those games you know the value Kobe brought.

    Shaq + Kobe= 3 titles & 1 MVP

    Dirk + Nash 3 MVP’s and no titles.

    Dallas has always had a team the cost more in salary then Lakers.

    D. Wade, he is great, he hit the big shots in the big games.

    Dirk-Well enough said!

    Superstars are born in the playoffs.

    I really hope Nash & Dirk get rings-I just can’t understand how Shaq has less MVP’s then Nash-Or how Kobe has zero.

    Maybe we should change the system.

  4. the problem i have with kobe is that for his entire life everything revolved around him so when time came for him to be unselfish and help handle the shaq kobe feud he couldnt see past his nose. numerous sources that cover the nba say that kobe is an absolute jack as a locker room and team guy.

    kobe felt he could handle the load himself. he now realizes he cant. he’ll drop 50- 50 games in a row and they still wont go anywhere. thats what i call valuable. not making your teammates better (as if he has any good ones). i dont think it will make any difference if they get him better players on average. i just dont see him making them better the way nash does.

    thats why i think the argument isnt lame. after their final game kobe is quoted saying “get me some help, now.” you had help kobe and you blew it.

    why does 3 titles and one mvp happen? when you have two of the best players in the league on the same team it reduces the chances of one player winning an individual award. wade and shaq, mello and iverson. who is the more valuable in the tandem? who knows, so someone else wins

    wade on the other hand didnt grow up with the silver basketball platter so he could accommodate shaqs enormous ego. they get along everyone is happy. at least until you get swept by chicago.

    nash on the other hand is a great teammate and has done a masterful job keeping amare and marions egos in check. he makes everyone around him better, has a killer instinct and is finally noticed as tough as nails. he makes everyone around him better. the only reason he didnt win the mvp this year is because voters didnt want to put him in the category of those who won three straight mvps. and most of the writers have admitted they were wrong.

    dirk cannot carry a team by himself offensively by scoring and doesnt get the rest of the team involved enough. he needs someone to get him the ball in the right place to score and when it doesnt happen he goes “ghost” on his team. thats exactly what happened in golden state.

    then he says “i take what they give and there not giving me much.”

    ladies and gentlemen your MVP!!!!

    most valuable not most outstanding
    its hard to be the most valuable on a dynamic duo type team
    that is what has hurt shaq and kobe (at least until they split up and since neither is deserving)

    how cool is it that my comment is longer than the original blog

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