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So after months of begging and waiting I finally pulled the trigger on a new MacBook.

A little backstory.

A few months ago Necole told me that her client worked at Apple and he would give me a discount. Ya right was my first thought.

I called this client last week and he was cool. But he told me to wait because he was pretty sure some new more powerful Macbooks would emerge in June. So I did something I rarely if ever do-I waited. This was last Thursday.

While waiting in the ghetto DMV yesterday Mr. Scotty Wade called and informed me that Apple had just updated the Macbooks. Holy crap! I was so happy.

So I placed a call to my Apple contact yesterday.

Today I got the call back from my inside Mac guy. (24 very looooooong hours later) We made the purchase. He gave me a 25% discount.

Yes I’m happy. Now I will hit refresh on my browser every 2 minutes for the next 2-4 days as I wait in great anticipation. I feel like a kid waiting to go to Chucky Cheese or Mangum drinking OJ or Buckridge waiting for a new baby. It’s just too much!




  1. Hey Chris, congratulations, I have the Black Macbook as well, you will love it. I put in 2gb memory and it runs like a powerbook now! Welcome to the family of darkness…(black mac makes me feel a little sinister…)


  2. mangum drinking oj… soooooooooooo true

  3. hey bro


    once you go mac you never go back.


  4. Congrats on the purchase….black macbooks sure are pretty. I secretly had a mac for many years but finally gave it up and have switched to a Dell machine running Linux and couldn’t be happier…Linux=free=makes me very happy

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