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I had a few folks ask me about productivity. How I run my day and all that.

First of all, my days are always a bit different. A lot depends on the kids schedule and all.

Here is my goal for each day:

  • Workout & get 2 hours of prayer/bible reading and theological study before 10AM.
  • I want to only check my email 2 times per day-10AM & 4PM. I want to reply to each email and then delete them.
  • I have two major focuses each day:
    •  Connect with at least 1 person. Coffee/Lunch etc.
    • Work on 1 major project. I’m no longer a fan of multi-tasking. Focus Focus Focus.
    • When I leave the office I want to leave work behind. Being a workaholic is over-rated.
    • I only want to be away from my family 2 nights per week.
    • We are  “meetings” heavy at Vista right now. So in the future I hope we will be able to not spend so much time in meetings.
    • I want to focus on two major project management philosophy. Another words I should be working on projects that do 1 of 2 things at least 80% of the time:
      • Raise-up leaders.
      • Connect  w/the unchurched.
    • The only way for me to focus and keep my priorities is raise up deacons who can be effective doing all the stuff that I can’t get to.

    Of course I tend to get sideways and I struggle to stay focused on this. But it’s my goal  to keep pursuing a very focused life that causes some forward momentum.



  1. I only make this comment because you listed English 101 as one of your favorite sites. So, love me afterwards … I’ve waited a long time. ‘Another words’ is really supposed to be written, “In other words”. Love you guys. Miss ya! Maybe we’ll make it down for a weekend this summer.

  2. Oh, and my period should have been placed within the quotes. Even we grammar people miss it sometimes.

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