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So the Marlow’s are getting to do something that we rarely get to do-hang out together for a full day. Since we are on a 7-day work schedule. We never have a full day to hang and do family stuff.

So this morning we had some french toast. The girls are in the shower singing “turn up the faders” as I type. Nathan Asher is a Raleigh musician and my girls love his CD. They got entire songs memorized. Beats Hannah Montana!

Soon we are heading off to catch Shrek the Third. This will be the first movie I’ve seen in a theatre in over a year.

Also, I wanted to say happy 30th to Ken Nussbaum. Hope you have a good day old-man. Ken-How does it feel to be a “thirty-something?” HA HA HA!

Ken-For your birthday present, I’m going to offer my couch as a “FREE” place to stay fro Austin City Limits. You’d better take me up as this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. If Brenda comes then well you can have the floor and Bren can have the couch.

Unfortunately I know from experience 🙂

Ashdown-Sac-town sucks-Don’t do it-Resist the urge. Austin is in your future.


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