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As I sit in my office I begin to ponder the Jesus story. Sometimes I wish it would go away. I wish I were content with my version of Christianity, but I’m not.

Jesus was iconoclast figure. He did and always will stand above every other figure in humanity. Even if you think he was just another man coming to teach his propaganda, you can’t deny the importance of whom He is and what He has done. Humanity needed and still needs Jesus.


Because Love Wins…

And Jesus came proclaiming a new way to live. He claimed that he was and is God. And God is love and love will overcome.

Love is the center of the universe. Love overcomes a multitude of sins. Love brings freedom to those who are in bondage.

Why are we so bored? Why do so many Christians in America claim to live without purpose as they struggle with the mundane?

Maybe it’s because we serve a revolutionary.  Are we are called to start some sort of “love-revolution?”

Maybe the Holy Spirit is longing to be unleashed and the Holy Spirit lives in us and wants to work through us.

Have we boxed-up Jesus? Are we scared what may happen if we unleash the true Jesus and if we follow in His footsteps?

Are we scared of what may be? Are we too content and happy with our current lives that we hope Jesus does not come in and mess it up and cause us to live uncomfortable risky lives that may require true sacrifice?

I don’t have all the answers, but you can feel unrest of the soul. A bubbling of what could be, a revolution of normal people walking in the footsteps of Jesus-the man/God who changed the world.


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