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I’ve read hundreds of books on leadership, time management, marketing, productivity etc. Five have really stuck with me. I keep going back to the principles that I learned in these books. A few example below:

“Are the right people on the bus.”

“Begin with the end in mind.”

“Tipping Point.”

“Do I inspire a shared vision?

My top five leadership books are:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: This book truly shaped culture in the mid 90’s.

Good To Great: Thoroughly researched. I think this is a “must-read” book. You can trust the data.

E-Myth: I’ve started businesses and this book was vital. I need to re-read it. This book deals with the reality of business and how hard it is to make it and keep it going.

Leadership Challenge: Very thorough book. Yet it’s 5 main points are memorable and simple.

Tipping Point: A quick read that really helps understand the mind of a consumer and how an idea can become viral.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are a lot of other good books. Some I still need to read (Marcus Buckingham) but these five have really influenced me and helped me understand what it means to lead an organization.



  1. Man, you’re right on with these. You should also read “Blink” by Gladwell: great stuff in there for structuring for spontaneity. Really necessary in church planting. Maxwell’s stuff is awesome too. God bless, Derek.

  2. No Patrick Lencioni!! His books are my favorite for business/organizational information. Leadership fables. They are both interesting and informative. I highly recommend any of them.

    I like your list. I’m actually reading Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge with my team right now.

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