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How do you stay creative? If you are like me you go “in-and-out” of creativity moods. I can’t just “be” creative. But there are some things you can do to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Change locations: I seem to rarely be creative while in the office. Usually creativity comes in creative places. For me it’s a local cafe.  Not Starbucks by the way. Usually an eclectic, indy cafe that has some sort of local creative environment. Also, a lot of creative people hang out in cafes, so that helps set the culture.

2. Space Engineering: We just painted our entire office. It’s now a more creative space. Before we had dirty white walls. When folks walk in the office now, they are like, “sweet, place looks awesome.” Here are some key elements that are huge for me to work effectively in the office.

* Clean: Enough said.
* Clutter free: I need space. I can’t stand it when I feel enclosed. I need everything to be in place.
* Activity: I like an office that is active. I want to hear noise, people, vision, discussions etc.
* Aroma: Can you say candles. I want my air to be clean and fresh.
* Cool Temperatures: Hot office = sleeeeeep!

3. Capture: Like I said, creativity comes and goes. When I get a good thought it can slip my mind in a matter of minutes and/or seconds. So I use three key elements to capture my raw thoughts.

* Moleskin: By far my life had been so much better because of this little black book. I carry it with me all the time.
* Comp: I roll with my Macbook just about everywhere. I use Google Notebook for “all” my notes. When I decide to act on the creative juices, I move that info to Backpack (My projects) or Basecamp (team projecst).
* Whiteboard: I have one huge whiteboard (getting another huge whiteboard) and I place a lot of raw thoughts on those whiteboards. I love a whiteboard, I love the space, I love to write my thoughts down and I love to erase stuff ASAP and start all over.

Part two coming tomorrow.


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