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I spoke yesterday at church. I shared my testimony. Man, I hate sharing my story, its so hard for me. However I know God uses my story of redemption to encourage others. There was not a dry eye in the house. I knew I would cry and I did. Afterwords I was completely exhausted. Yet totally energized.

After words my friend asked me what the title of the message was for our podcast? He suggested “Cry Me A River!”


Ya, I owe him one.

If you want to listen click here.



  1. I heard that it was just amazing! I was working with the babies in the back and so I am downloading it while I type. I can’t wait to hear it. Thanks so much for all you do at the church!
    Michele Law

  2. Michele,

    Thanks really appreciate that!

  3. Dude – can I like completely retract that comment, like, strike it from the record? I feel like a jerk! But all silly-ness aside, your message/story rocked!!!

  4. Chris, what a journey you are on. I am excited to know all the incredible things God has done and will do in your life. Great message, I got it off the podcast and listened to it on the way to school. It made me wonder about things I miss from the old ways…


  5. Scotty,
    You gave yourself up and thanks everyone for the kind comments!

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