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We had a ton of meetings today at the office. I love meetings, but man they can take a ton of energy. However we got a lot of good stuff happening and I’m looking forward to seeing how we can flesh out the vision God has given us.

In the meantime I’m hanging at a local coffeeshop enjoying a fresh cup of Kenya. Ah so good. Just what I needed.

Anyhow, on the drive from the office to the coffeeshop I was wondering how to take this vision and bring it to life. So many times we get dreams from God but those dream never become reality-instead the stay in our head and we grow frustrated. There is a big difference between a dream and vision. Vision needs legs and feet.

Pardon the interruption:

—-Crap, 5 teenage girls just sat next me to. The perfume is simply to much to handle, the conversation is fast and wild. *sigh* ——

So, here is my plan to bring this vision to life.

1. Prayer: It has to be God. Period!

2. Strategy: Who, how and when.

3. Processes: What do they teams need. Who is doing what and how much does will it cost?

4. Communication: Is the vision clear. Does everyone understand?

5. Wins: I’m going to identify the wins and celebrate.

6. Time Management: How long will each task take to fulfill?

Any other valuable information I can add. Let me know.


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