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I know I’ve posted a lot lately about focus and productivity. Its a huge priority for me. We have some pretty big plans coming up for Vista. Plans that I think will take us to the next level. But it’s going to take an insane focus.

So I changed my routine today. I hit the gym at 6:30am. Usually I go to the gym after work. But some issues kept creeping in.

1) Stuff happens right? So many obstacles that would get in the way. Dinners, being tired, kids not feeling well etc.

2) Mental focus: I would constantly spend mental energy thinking about “going” to the gym. I prescribe to the “Getting Things Done” method. The big key of course is to take a to-do and do something with it so you don’t spend time thinking about it.

So, I showed up at the office at 8:45 and I already worked out…Now I can put all my focus on having a productive work day. I’m hoping this will work long-term.


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