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apple_iphone_1.jpgLast night a group of us gathered to celebrate Kenzie birthday and folks wanted to see the pup. However, Wade spiced up the night when be brought his new iPhone.


Not sure how or why so many folks are being so negative…Have you held one or used one? If not please don’t judge this device. Because it’s truly amazing. Definitely innovative. I was surfing the net on the “edge” network. And it was fast. ESPN loaded in like 20 seconds, as opposed too 2-3 minutes on my Treo.

Sure it may have some weaknesses, and it’s hard to live up to all the hype, but at the end of the day…It’s a sweet phone. The funny thing is this-it’s cheaper then the Treo when the Treo first launched. 🙂



  1. One word:

  2. hmmm… didn’t we just do a sermon series on possessions? 🙂

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