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So we have this thing going on at Vista on Sundays…It’s about music, and who has the best taste. Each week we ask one person to bring a playlist with 10 songs… This Sunday it was my turn and here is the set I came with.

  • Burning In The Sun: Blue Merle
  • Storms: Nathan Asher
  • The Crane Wife 3: The Decemberists
  • Grace Like A River: Delirious
  • Faith In You: PM Dawn
  • Beautiful Day: U2
  • Southside: Moby
  • With My Two Hands: Ben Harper
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes: Muse
  • Wake Me Up When Sept Ends: Greenday

Who’s next? Oh BTW, they asked me if they could use my playlist again.    



  1. We didn’t want to use it in the service again… I said I wanted to use it the next time i was having trouble falling asleep.

  2. How does one go about getting on the list to supply a playlist?

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