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Starting Saturday I will take a mini vacation. It’s going to be good to hang with the family and pup, do some hiking, eat good food and enjoy life a bit.

Usually when folks find out I’m from Cali, they ask me what I miss the most…Hands down I say the beach. I love Austin, but man I just miss the beach.

Tuesday we are going to head to South Padre. I just hope I like it. By no means am I expecting S. Padre to be Cali or NC (NC beaches ROCK BTW!) but I just need to hear the sound of the ocean, feel the salty breeze and enjoy the eternal rolling of the waves.

For all my Cali, NC, & WA peeps-PLEASE NO COMMENT 🙂



  1. I think you’ll be surprised by South Padre. For Texas, it’s not that bad.

  2. Our family always enjoys it… Be safe and have fun chillin!

  3. no comment. 🙂

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