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Our mini-vacation started this morning. It seems weird that I’m not at church. A part of me wants to go. Of course it was not hard to get over as the family headed to Kirby Lane Cafe this morning. Ah…the goodness.

Looks like we are off to the beach in the morning. God help us; I’ve heard so many conflicting comments in regards to Texas beaches…Trust me-Texans rarely talk bad about Texas, most Texans I know think they’re already in heaven…No need to die!

On another note. I’m currently reading The Kite Runner…Man so gripping. Whenever I read books like The Kite Runner  and A Long Way Gone it reminds me why I do what I do. Humanity needs to hear the Jesus story.

I think the next book on my list is Harry Potter Book 1. True stories cause me to stay awake at night and get angry over the brokenness of our world…So no matter what happens to Harry and friends…At least its fiction.


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  1. Hey Bro–have a great vacation! My wife loved Kite Runner and I hear his follow up book is good also. Lets connect after you get back.

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