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It’s basically impossible to turn on the TV or fire up the web browser and not have to deal with some sort of tragedy. Global communications causes us to be reminded of all the evil, hurt and pain that exist in our world. We can’t escape it…But sometimes I wonder if we just simply ignore it.

For instance…23 of our brother and sisters in Christ have been kidnapped. Two are dead. Why. because they cared for the poor and outcast and they put their life in danger. Last night I prayed for these men and women. I prayed that somehow my life would reflect their life. That I would not live in the safety of suburbia or allow the rhythm of going to church and Com Group to be “end all” of my Christian faith.

I know deep in my heart, somehow my faith must deepen. I can’t be content with who I am…I need to know Christ deeper,  I need to live-out the my faith deeper, I need to be more generous, I need to re-evaluate how I spend my time and resources…Why? Because tragedy exist, evil surrounds and we are called to push back evil.

I wish I knew better ways to respond…More fruitful ways. I just know this. Somehow, we have to encourage and help people to live-out deeper faith that produces more fruit and allows God’s shalom to come forth.


  1. Hi Chris,
    I’ve had similar thoughts this week. The Korean Christians, the Indian monsoon flood that killed 1000, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, persecuted Christians everywhere. It’s too much at one level and yet we have to stretch ourselves to care–authentically. To pray–earnestly. And to live–couragously. I’ve been writing about widows in Burundi and about the Korean Christians this week. I try to pray sincerely about these situations. I’m also trying to help others to see beyond their daily grind. Not so long ago, I didn’t look too far beyond myself. Thanks for the post.

  2. Henriet,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I used to live in Seattle-love that city.

    Good thoughts!

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