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Some really good info on various cities in the world: 2007 Fast Cities – Global – Innovation.

It’s good to see Raleigh & Austin on the list. Raleigh for Research & Development and Austin for business start-up’s.

Also, Austin just got recognized for being the “best business city” in America. Of course these lists change all the time. But it’s a g0od indicator that Austin is emerging from a small Texas college city to a global innovator.

When I lived in Seattle in 1999, I was able to see that city go through some unique transformation. Now it’s arrived as a legit global city. When I moved there for 6 weeks last summer-I also saw the downside of city transformation. High cost of living, congestion problems, true Seattleites who had to move out of the city to the local suburbs because of cost issues etc. It’s always sad when your normal middle-class folks can’t afford to live in the city that they created.

Austin seems to be tracking with Seattle. Housing is cheaper in the “burbs” but it going to cost you at least $350-$450 to buy a house downtown or in the uptown area. The big issue I have is this-we do not have the Puget Sound. C’mon, at least in Seattle you had spectaculars views, deep blue water, ferries, and snow-capped mountains.

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