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  • Church yesterday was good. We’ve had a great summer and I can’t wait for Sept.
  • Last night we headed to Wade’s to celebrate his b-day. We rocked to guitar hero on the xbox. Crazy fun-now Necole wants an xbox, to bad I sold it.
  • Necole’ family came down from Dallas. I love it when the girls to get to hang with their family. One of my main priorities as a Father is to create lasting memories for my daughters. I want them to see their childhood as an adventure and allow them to live life to the full.
  • Today we are hanging with our staff/lead team for lunch and a movie (Transformers) I love being with Jeff, Ryan, Cofield, Bedwell and Wade.
  • Can’t wait till Wed. Amanda Blackwell flies in and she is going to hang out for a few days.
  • This week has to be productive. Got lot’s to do before fall.
  • Can’t wait for Africa.
  • Can’t wait for Austin City Limits.
  • Can’t wait for Steven to arrive in Austin. That is going to be fun. Hearing stories of God’s love and redemption in Africa-so cool!
  • I lost my cell phone. Going to get a new one today. No it’s not an iPhone. DARN IT!
  • Bailey is taking guitar lessons soon-She wants a pink guitar 🙂


  1. ya. too bad…hehehe. amanda says you lost your phone on purpose! ha! miss ya man-

  2. let me know if you need the insider discount on that pink guitar.

    we gots the hook ups, yo!

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