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Seems like the weekends go a bit too quickly. I watched a ton of football, went to church, played with my iPhone and hung out w/ some Vista peeps.


  • Texas was making me a bit nervous. But they played well in the end.
  • Notre Dame is just bad. It’s going to be a long season. But I think they will get better.
  • Michigan is just horrendous. Speechless.
  •  Oklahoma looks VERY good. Lame.
  • Texas AM/Fresno St game was rad.


  • My Raiders are just frustrating. Horrible organization.
  • Cowboys looked good. But the Giants were banged up.
  • Either Colts or Patriots are going to win the SB. Maybe SD. NFC has no chance IMHO.

We also had a great day at church. Jeff and Justin Cofield Band rocked the house. Attendance was awesome and we had a TON of folks who were missing. This fall will be a huge season of growth for our church. Get ready Vista.

Tomorrow marks the first day the entire staff is together. Should be fun.

Can’t wait to get in the office this week. So much to do. Can’t wait.

The iPhone is amazing. Man I love it and so does Necole. Not sure why this device got all the criticisms. It’s not perfect, but from a technology point of view-it’s epic.

Time for bed. Shalom


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  1. Thanks for thinking of us. We’re excited about the potential opportunity to earn some extra dough. : )

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