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The White Stripes canceled. No biggie to me right? Not a big fan. (just have not really heard them) So, they replace White Stripes with Muse. Which means Muse will be playing the same time as Arcade Fire. That does not make me happy!

But I think I’m going with Muse. Any suggestions.



  1. my friend ryan caught muse in nashville and said it was the best concert he had ever seen. he has seen lots of concerts. he said their musicianship was impecable, amazing and ridiculous.

    “thats what HE said”

  2. seen Muse.

    go to Arcade Fire.

  3. Ridiculously tough choice..those are the two bands I would be most interested in seeing there. Gotta lean toward Muse though.

  4. MUSE in a heartbeat. Arcade Fire is cool and all, but Muse is Muse.

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