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So last week I order a guitar for Baily from Musician’s Friend. It was suppose to ship within 1 day of the order. But it took 5 days to ship. Now UPS or Musician’s Friend has lost the guitar. It could take up to 4 weeks to trace. No they can’t refund my money TILL they find the guitar. No they can’t or wont  ship me another one. Yes, they asked me to be patient and wait for 4 weeks.

Amazing…I’ve warned you…NEVER order anything from these guys!



  1. Sitting next to Chris at the cafe while having his conversation with Musicians-notYour-Friend is quite interesting. I was a little scared for my life.

  2. bro.i could have told you that. rookie mistake. call me next time before you order anything musical!

  3. Musicians Friend strikes again! It’s happened to almost everyone. I’m not really sure how they stay in business with so many stories like this.

  4. wow-at least I’m not the only sucker.

  5. Wow, that sucks man. I ordered an SG from them and didn’t have a problem.

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