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So my first festival” experience went well yesterday. When we first arrived it was a bit hot. Okay, I was like melting and all. But we got some nice cloud cover that made the heat bearable.

Our first show was Peter Bjorn and John-Yawn…They did not do well. Then we hit-up Joss Stone-her voice is amazing. After Joss Stone we caught Queens of the Stone Age. I actually enjoyed them. Lot’s of energy. After that it was time for The Killers. Man I could not believe how many folks attended this gig. We got caught in the middle. Like always folks tried their best to get to the front so it caused some tension. But it was all good. And The Killer were great.

After ACL we headed downtown for the after party. Which was a bit too cluby for me. Our friends know the owner of the club and he wanted to introduce us to one of the bands that played ACL (Young Love) whom where performing at the after party. But I could care less-I was tired, watching folks dance is kinda of funny and the beer on tap was pathetic, plus I felt like a sardine as the club was PACKED.

Today should be great. We are not going till like 3-4PM. Too hot to stay out there all day.  I’m hoping to catch Cold War Kids, Damien Rice and Muse if all goes according to plan. I thought I could catch Arcade Fire but it’s hard to get in-and-out of the crowds for the larger acts.



  1. Glad you’re enjoying it – the first one I’ve missed *tear* Have fun!!!

  2. ah…but your in Seattle…can’t beat that!

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