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So it’s over. Austin City Limits is in the books.

Saturday was great. We saw the following bands:

  • Cold War Kids. They were good, but it was just too hot.
  • Stephen Marley: Lot’s of fun. Very Unique.
  • Damien Rice: Very good. I would love to see him in a smaller more intimate venue. Dude is simply amazing.
  • Muse: My favorite show by far.The only problem, Arcade Fire was probably just as good.

Today we headed to ACL a bit later so we would not have to deal with the heat. Which was a good move.

We saw:

  • Amos Lee: So good. This guy got some talent & soul!
  • Wilco: Very mellow, I just did not connect.
  • Decemberist: Amazing. So good. It’s too bad they played the “Dell” stage. They should have been on one of the main stages. I really want to see them again.
  • Bob Dylan: I know Dylan is iconic. But he should not have been the headliner. So many people left early. It was anti-climatic. Very disappointing.

So I did enjoy my ACL experience. Although I’m really glad it’s over. Later today I should have some pics up.



  1. I heard Bono came on at midnight…

  2. i will say that i was surprised bob dylan headlined. he is obviously the type that deserves a headlining spot, but he’s just not the type of musician, now or ever, that could really bring a lot of energy, especially to a crowd of 30,000 or whatever. i think the experience at stubb’s was probably more rewarding.

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