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I know the title sounds selfish. But I’m enjoying getting a little bit of time to chill. Over the summer I watched my girls every Friday and Saturday. Now that they are in school I have some extra time on Friday. (my day off)
This morning I headed to the office to wrap-up some admin stuff. I don’t want Ryan to kill me in a few weeks when the bills are due and my receipts are all over the place. Ryan volunteered to be a summer intern. Basically he knew Jeff and I were a disaster so he wanted to help. 🙂 He’s been a huge blessing to me and Vista and this Sept he came on staff. He also works another job, goes to seminary full-time and is desperately in love with a girl who lives an hour away and may be just as busy as he is. Needless to say he’s got a lot going on.

After I got caught up  with admin junk, I headed to get some lunch and then to the cafe. Feels good to rest, read and relax. Of course relaxing for me is watching some TED Talks. There are some smart folks in this world and I’m not one of them.

Now it’s off to get my little girls. Everyday I look forward to seeing them, hearing about their day. They love live so much, they truly are my inspirations.

Hope your day is going well.

Good day!


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