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Another week is over. Here are some thoughts:

  • If you talk about Driscoll & Bell you get lots of blog traffic.
  • I barley won in FF. I was up 5 points, but my opponent had Portis. (last player still playing on both teams) I was watching the game and also tracking live stats. Redskins had 4 shots at a TD on the 2 yard-line at the end of the game. Had Portis scored I would have lost. But he didn’t and I won!
  • Church is interesting. Just when you think you find a rhythm and have it all figured out, something else happens and everything changes. Of course this always reminds me that Jesus is the Senior Pastor of our church and we do our best to follow him.
  • HDTV is amazing.
  • Halo 3 comes out tomorrow night. Should I go at 12AM?
  • For some reason I have no interest to read any books. Usually I read at least 1 book per week. But I have no motivation. Very strange.
  • I love Heroes. Watching season one the past few weeks. Love this show.
  • The Raiders won.
  • The Red Sox lost.
  • Ashown can’t beat me in Madden.
  • Africa is soon.
  • Bailey is now writing her own songs.
  • And it’s freaking hot in Austin. I can’t wait for fall weather.


  1. have a friend who blogged last year about driscoll. he posted the same thing. a huge increase in traffic. i think i will try this, but that would mean i would have to blog.

  2. maybe you should re-think the madden dot…someone’s been practicing!! can we say 35 – 10. BOOYAH

  3. now i’m curious, what happened at your church?

  4. If you think talking about Driscoll and Bell gets you lots of blog hits, write a post about “stuff to do on Sunday if you’re bored,” with that as the title of the post. Sit back and wait. No kidding. It’s very odd.


  5. you are going to africa? when? where? why? I went for almost 3 weeks back in May/June to Malawi and South Africa… I’d love to hear about it….

  6. HEY NICK,

    Im heading to S. Africa next month. It’s somewhat of a scouting trip to see how my church can adopt-a-village in the future. I have a good friend who lives in Cape Town. So we will be working with him.

    I’m hoping to keep the blog updated when I leave next month.

    Can’t wait.

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