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Bob Hyatt has some great thoughts on Driscoll’s recent comments. I think Bob does a good job of being able to not take sides and see things how they are. It’s so easy for many of us to love and support a leader in our lives that we are afraid to say what we agree and disagree with. It seems we box ourselves in one camp and we prepare to fight and do battle with our beloved camp. But I think that can be harmful and so many issues get polarized in the process. It’s vital to take a step back, re-frame and see the big picture.



  1. chris

    i agree. bob is continually well balanced his views regarding driscoll and the emerging church. he is also upfront about his beliefs and why he believes what he does. he is definitely one of my favorite blogs and he doesnt live with his mom.

    i liked driscolls tone which was very calm and not too pithy. i do however think he read too much into some issues especially concerning bell and rabbis. i have not heard bell say we should look soley to rabbis but we must understand how rabbis functioned to have a better understanding of why jesus did what he did. i think a more on target argument would be to look at bell placing 3rd century rabbinic tradition back on to jesus before a formal rabbinic tradition had been established.

    because of his loose interpretation on the issues concerning bell (and yes i am a bell fan) i have to also look closely at pagitt and mclaren and not simply take driscoll’s word for. (which is the case for anyone)

    it was an interesting lecture with one really good line
    Mclaren recently started a group called “deep shift”. i think someone accidently slipped an “f” in there.

    lets see how this works itself out as more people here it. i doubt we will get a response from bell, but perhaps one from pagitt and mclaren.

  2. i think my above quote at the bottom may indicate that i dont like mclaren. that would not be true. i think he asks great questions that some people have a problem with. i recently talked to him when he visited truett and one of main concerns is not how will we “change the gospel to fit postmodernity” but “how has the gospel already been compromised within modernity.”

    this is something i dont think many people want to delve into.

    i think driscoll aludes to this when he says statements like “when jesus speaks we obey, we dont question”

    i dont mclaren is questioning jesus, but how this obeying has been interpreted within modernity and has the gospel been compromised.

    chris: concerning this post and the one above-
    am i missing something on this? if so let me know.

    anyway, i thought his line had good comedic timing
    sorry to post-dominate your blog
    tell mangum and wade i said what up

  3. terrific comments by hyatt (maybe i only say that because i agree with them). i thought driscoll misrepresented webb’s book because, as i recall, i ended up thinking webb is a complementarian and he clearly doesn’t think any theology is evolving in terms of homosexuality, which you could have assumed by just listening to driscoll with no knowledge of the book.

    overall i mostly agreed with the concerns that driscoll expressed but found them really hard to listen to. he confessed his pride and self-righteousness with regards to comments he made when he was younger but went on, IMO, to sound pretty prideful and arrogant. i would love to hear the responses of those three. if anyone sees any, please post.

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