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Someone asked me recently why I’m so passionate about social justice issues. (more in word then deed I think)

My reply was pretty simple. I told this person that I get to live an amazing life and I want everyone else in this world to be able to say the exact same thing.

I believe life is a shared experience. I grew up with much hurt and pain. I was consantly sad, wondering why I existed. My true goal as a young kid was to stay away from drugs and violence, watch as many Lakers/Raider games as possible and pray that somehow I could escape my ghetto world.

Then a Filipino/African American family took me in as their own, gave me a place to stay that was safe, food to eat that was warm, and hugs that were real (I hated the hugging part). They became the “hands and feet” of Jesus. And I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to do the exact same thing.



  1. Good story. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. What a great response to the gift you were given. We should all live that way.

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