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Africa, maybe you’ve seen the pictures; Lions, Zebra’s, beautiful prairies and deadly snakes. Of course we’ve all seen the horrific pictures of Poverty, Aids, Hunger and War . These issues seem to ravage this amazing land. So why is this letter in your hand? Simple. I’m taking a trip to South Africa this November. I will be flying into Cape Town, South Africa along with 3 other team members from the Vista. While in Cape Town we will be working with Steven & Amy Nicholson and Servlife. (

First of all, we will be going into the slums of Cape Town. Then we will head out to the townships and villages of South Africa. We will also make a trip to Zimbabwe. Our goal is this: We (Vista Church) desire to adopt a village. We would like to send multiple teams over the course of the next 3-7 years to serve this village and build friendships.

We want to:
1. Build Schools.
2. Build Orphanages
3. Bring clean water.
4. Resource local Christian leaders.
5. Help the locals start businesses.
6. Encourage the missionaries that are already on the ground.
7. Share the story of Jesus by living the gospel and being incarnational in our approach.
8. And learn from our African brothers and sisters.

So, this November 7th-18th I will be in Africa. Our goal is to assess the situation and develop a long-term plan for The Vista. Each of us are committed to returning and leading a team in the future. In other words, we do not want this to be a one-time event but a long-term partnership.

OK, You already know what’s coming right? Yes, I need support. Each team member has to raise $2700 to make this happen, and we only have 6 weeks left. So, If you would be willing to help support my trip to Africa, you can by doing the following:

1. Send a check to (envelope included): Vista Community Church-In the memo put Africa/Marlow.
2. Pray for us. I will be sending out monthly emails to keep you updated on our trip.

Mailing Address:

Attn: Chris Marlow

5014 B Little Valley RD, Leander TX 78641
Of course all donations are considered a tax write-off.

Please be praying for us. Also, please feel free to link this blog post to your blog. The more buzz the better.


Chris Marlow


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