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If the Red Sox lose tonight please say a prayer for me….I do not handle these things well and I may have a mental breakdown which includes calling into work sick, being depressed for days on end and eating a lot junk food for the next few days to curb my pain and frustration and refusing to feed my puppy so she will not be all that happy when I’m down     and depressed.
Oh you laugh-but trust me it’s true. Just ask my friends. I almost had to check myself into a mental hospital when the freaking Pistons beat my Lakers a few years ago.

Go Dice K…Please!



  1. It sure doesn’t look very good in the fifth…

  2. First thing you do is breath. Take a deep breath… Ok you can let it out now.:)

    Believe me I know how you feel but I have talked myself into this series being over. If the bats of Mikey, Manny and David are not hitting then the series is over so why get upset.

    We can’t control the team on the field. We can’t make Pedroia and Youkilis care that they are sucking big time and no matter how upset we get we can’t change the facts that this team has quit.

    When the series is over Varitek, Youkilis, Pedroia, Lugo etc.. will all go home. Sit in their million dollar homes and believe me they won’t be thinking about your depression.

    and the end all to end all is my last quote.


    Feel Better yet.?

  3. You okay?!?

  4. I’ve been lurking and enjoying your thoughts for a while now… but I feel it’s time to show myself. Just so I can have some one to wallow in my pain and self pity. I too am a pastor, and I too am a diehard Sox fan, for years. 04 was like releasing 20 years of pressure and pain for me. But since then, it seems like each loss has hurt even more. Especially this year, with all we’ve been through, with all the doubts, and the ghost of 78 talk and then us pulling it out, winning the pennant for the first time in 12 years… We can’t loose this thing now. And I must admit, Im afraid of Colorado…

  5. I’m okay…I think. My dog is a bit hungry and all..But she’ll survive.


    Thanks for dropping by. I started following the Sox in 98. Went to Boston and Fenway in 2001. I can’t imagine being a life-long Red Sox fan. Oh the pain. The past 10 years has been painful enough 🙂

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