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Man…Coloroado already took care of business. Wow, they are going to get a lot of rest.

The Sox just seemed a bit “funky.” So many chances, yet so many double plays.  Tonight is huge. I still have hope. But tonight almost  a must-win.



  1. Yeah, I agree that Dice should have pitched in the Fens. Schill should have gone last night… And what about us making Westbrook look like friggin Cy Young? Im hopin for the rain, so we can take a day and throw Beckett on normal rest next game. As much as I love Wake, tonight is not the night.

    Anyway, I live in Arizona right now, not exactly where I would like to be, but it’s where God’s got me now…

  2. Hey Snyder, you could move to Austin and be Red Sox transplant fanboy buddies with Marlow! Great idea!

    I almost moved to Austin once. Put money on a house even. But somebody convinced me to stay in Arizona… any idea who that was?

  3. Red Sox fans have no borders my friend, our passion and kindred spirit is felt no matter the distance. Unlike the 25 mile radius of Dodger fans. And btw, Im glad you stayed buddy, you keep me sane, and I couldnt do ministry with out ya.

  4. Oh ya….I’m from Nor Cal and I love the Sox.

    Hey guys, I’m going to add you cats to my blogroll.


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