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This morning I arrived at my local travel clinic.  Scared & nervous…I felt like my little girls going to to the doctor or my puppy pulling her leash desperately before we enter the vets room. The nurse was doing the paperwork…But before she did that she laid out all the needles in plain sight. I asked her if we could do the paperwork after the shots, she smiled, asked me if I was a wimp, which my reply was simple “YES!”  With that grin on her face she hammer those bad boys deep into my skin saying nice things like the “needle is small” and “oh see, we are done” blah blah blah.

There is truly nothing like paying $500 to for some lady to stick 4 needles  filled with  various poisons into my bloodstream. Truthfully it was painless therefore I was happy. However I still have to go back post-Africa to finish up. LAME!!!



  1. they should call them something besides “shots”. how ’bout rock star injections. or immunity enhancers.

    anyway, make sure you take lots of insect repellent with DEET. backwoods OFF keeps ’em away.

  2. Im glad you went. It’s definately worth it. But do be careful what you eat. I came back with a NASTY parasite that wrecked me for over 2 months. Im still not over it completely.

  3. Chris – Thanks so much for your offer to help. Tim is going to let me more tonight about their situation. He just got on the property this afternoon for the first time. It’s crazy out here man. Smoke and ash everywhere. One of our main high schools that our students go to is an evacuation center. Weird.

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