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These past few days have been quite amazing here in Austin. Sunday our weather was low 90’s and Monday we got blasted with a cold front that dropped our temperatures to the 50’s. Now we are back in the 70’s and I must say this is my favorite weather.

It’s hard to believe that this week is almost gone. Still got so much to do-but I can’t quite get going to finish up some key projects. Both girls have early release days-so I have to pick them up at 1PM. Of course on the non-early days, they’ve both has teacher conferences.  Therefore I’m still trying to hammer out my message for Sunday. I will be speaking on social justice and the global church and I can tell you that my heart is heavy for this subject. I just hope I can communicate my thoughts/passions/desire in a way that will bring substantial change and not condemnation.

Last night I missed most of the Red Sox game. Although I did have some friends texting me the score. 3-1, 6-1, 12-1…etc. Yes I was a happy camper.

The reason for missing the game was an African team get together. We had some rich conversation about God, culture, church, theology and social justice issues.   I love the organic nature and we really had no agenda. Just conversation, food and discussion. Perfect night.

I walked away feeling encouraged and discouraged. Not to get into a long discussion. But I can say that it seems like the church really struggles to deal with certain realities that many folks face. How to engage the gospel and culture, having a global understanding of our theologies, how to build strong relationships with the unchurched, what does post-modern (long time since I used that word) evangelism look like? etc.

I’m thinking of starting some sort of monthly discussion or something. Not sure…Stay tuned.


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