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  • Can’t wait to pick up Apple’s new OS later today.
  • Great game last night. Glad we won. Hopefully we can close it out in Colorado. Schilling’s a stud.
  • Preparing a sermon today. I hate when I wait till the last second. This week has been nuts-in a good way.
  • Brian Mclaren will be in Austin next month. Click here for the details. I will be in Africa so I can’t make it. HT: Ashdown
  • After school I’m taking the girls to the local pumpkin patch. Oh ya, it’s that time of the year.
  • The new 24 looks lame. Tony the terrorist?!?!?!?
  • I’m 7-0 in fantasy football. Can I run the table and go undefeated? BTW- Jeff Mangum is 1-6
  • The Lakers are looking somewhat brutal at this point. May be a long year.


  1. Macs Rule!
    Red Sox Rule!
    Procrastination Rules!
    McLaren is a tough read!
    Halloween Rules!
    24 Rules! (I think this year will be much better!)
    Fantasy Football Rules! (Althought I’m sucking this year)
    Kobe to Detroit Rumors Rule!



  2. “we” one? how much are the sox paying you?
    do “they lose?”


  3. that should say “we” won?
    im terrible at american.

  4. How about my Rockets? 🙂

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