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Travel & Leisure has some cool city rankings in various categories. Austin did well in the following:

1. Attractive People: 4th (I’m sure I’ve helped give us a boost since moving here)

2. Live Music: 2nd (New Orleans took 1st place)
3. Night Life 4th : (New York has better night life then Austin? J/K)
4. Affordabilty: 4th
5. Environmental awareness: 4th (Portland, Seattle & SF took the top spots)
6. Coffee 6th: Seattle beat us in coffee?!?!?! Ah, who knew. ZOKA ZOKA ZOKA
7. BBQ: 1st: So true!
8. Cheap Eats: 2nd (New Orleans again is #1)
9. Underground arts scene: #3
10. Characteristics (Overall): #2
11. Food & Dinning: #3
12. People (Overall): #2

We did not fare well in the “big” city categories:

1. Museums: #20(I wish me had more)
2. Big-name restaurants: #23 (glory)
3. Public Transportation: #18 (this sucks)
4. Theater: #18
5. Luxury Boutiques: #24 (oh man, we need more)

You can read more here. It’s always interesting to see how the outside world view our city. In my opinion Austin has to be careful in some key areas as we continue to be the “fastest growing city” in America. Transportation, Affordabilty & Culture would be my top three worries. Local “real” Austinites will tell ya that we are becoming more like a “big” city and that can be scary for sure.


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  1. Austin was very high up and barely didn’t make my list of best mid-major cities.

    After reading your post, I think it should have.

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