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is Bob Roberts. I’m reading both of his books Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage the New Flat Earth & Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World. Both are stellar books that really cause one to think and ponder. On one level they are easy reads-but challenging.

Bob clearly articulates what a new Christian can and should look like. I’ve spent many years (say close to a decade) deconstructing what church should be. The problem with that is reconstructing something beautiful can be hard but is necessary. Deconstruction without reconstruction is a waste of time.

Bob seems to blend many worlds together. You don’t have to choose one certain way. You can be attractional and still be missional as long as the attractional is not the end result. Of course few pastors will admit that attractional ministry is their the end result, but the fact is the majority of their time, talent and resources go into a Sunday experience which last an hour and causes little life change. We don’t need more churches to fill-up more seats on Sunday. We deeply need more churches to create a community of mission oriented people who are understand their calling and how God wants to use them to impact their world as lay leaders who are on mission for Christ yet disguised as educators, activist and business folks, etc.

We truly need more holistic leaders (formal and lay leaders) who merge theology, culture and church into a movement that can create life change and glorify Jesus.


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