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In 7 days I will be off to Africa. My first international trip. I’m excited and yet a bit nervous. Not seeing my family for 10 days basically sucks. And spending a day and half in airports and on airplanes sounds as exciting as the world series. I can feel my A.D.D. kicking in now.

It’s quite amazing how many people ask me why I’m going to Africa. Usually they say things like “cost a lot of money” or “it’s dangerous,” blah blah blah!!!
Still not for sure how one can read the bible and somehow feel as if be a Jesus-follower was not dangerous or did not require sacrifice-but that is another rant for another day.

Of course many people love it. They are happy that I’m going. They usually say things like “I wish I was going.” So it makes me think of dreams that are stored in our soul. Yet the busyness of life and the fear of failure or maybe even a lack of motivation keeps many of these dreams bound inside a person. And we wonder why we are so discontent.

For instance, my friend in Boston is writing a book…He left his teaching job and became a waiter. (good way to use a master’s degree right?) He had a dream to write a memoir and he knew he had to do it. So he adjusted his life, took risks and disciplined himself to write in the mornings and work in the evenings. Every time I talk to him he tells me how close he is to be done-a dream becoming a reality….So cool.

What dreams do you have? What is stopping you from pursuing those dreams? Do you really want to be old and have regret?  Make mistakes, fail, live, dream, work hard, have passion, learn…But above all that-take action. Do something, pursue your dream.

The joy is in the journey, maybe the destination will be different then the one you envision. But the journey is where you meet God and your dreams become a reality!


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