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Another quality Sunday in the books. Jeff spoke on generous living. Necole and I are really trying to stretch the way we think of money. My money is not mine-it’s God’s. Therefore I must be a good steward. I want my life to be marked as one who thinks of others and one who is generous. Life is just better that way!

Most people assume you can’t be generous and have nice things. That is just simply not true. You can have nice things and still be a giver. Of course if you are consumed with nice things then maybe you are a consumer? This is why a budget is so vital. If you operate your life without a budget, there is a good chance you are a consumer. Because you have no clue where your money is going and if it’s being effective.

I’ve spoke to multiple people who are going on mission trips and say they want to pay their own way because they don’t want to ask for money. Man, crazy! Those people don’t understand the theology of money and community. I for one want to be generous. When someone is thinking through a way to help others, I want them to come to me and ask for help. I want them to have confidence that I will do my best to support them, even if it means I have to personally sacrifice. This is what a community is all about. Helping each other fulfill our God given dream.


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