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This past month has been crazy. I’m pretty sure I’m going on 21 straight days of work. The good news is I love what I do. And for some strange and obvious reason I get the feeling that the blog world will provide little mercy when it’s comes to hard work. *sigh*Trying to wrap up all the last second to-do’s. So I can spend the evening with my family. Boy I can tell you now, it’s going to a rough night. I overheard my girls talking about me this morning at breakfast. They are stressing. Last night Kenzie prayed I would not die and this morning she gave me her beloved baby bear to take with me for protection. So funny!I feel really focused and full of energy. But please pray for us. (Kayla, Lindsey, John and little oh me) I love the people I’m going with. They have sacrificed much to be apart of this trip. First of all I have a.d.d. like no-other. We leave tomorrow at 8:45AM and arrive in Cape Town at midnight the NEXT day. Oh my gosh I may pass-out. I can barley sleep in my own bed, so the chances of me sleeping on a plane is SLIM TO NONE.I do have some work I’m going to hammer out. My role at Vista is to cast vision along with Jeff-but he works on the day to day and I work mostly on large projects, create strategies and processes.  Our big weakness is implementation. I hate that part of life :)So I will have plenty to do on the plane.  Spiritually I feel so good, so focused. My prayer life and turned to silence-no words can communicate what I’m feeling or seeking. I just want Jesus to be very real, tangible, amazing.  So when I pray it’s just silence, brokenness, and yet I can feel and sense the hope. God is moving in ways that are so awesome and real. I want to be apart of that movement that is spreading across the world shaping the church and calling men, women and children to follow the teaching of Jesus and serve their world. I know God is going to use people in S. Africa and Zimbabwe to teach me how to follow Jesus. I’m going there to learn, serve, listen and obey. That is it. Please pray for us-no cheap prayers please. Really, pray for us. Pray that God will do something mighty and amazing. Not just in Africa, but in all of our lives on an everyday basis.   


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  1. I’m just praying the bathroom will get fixed and the girls have water at our house. Other than that, I’m sure we’ll have an amazing time together. See you Friday night… if you don’t feel like working, you can squeeze five movies into the Amsterdam-to-Cape Town flight if you start early. Just saying…

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