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So this morning we went to church. Man these folks know how to worship. They sing LOUD and CLAP the whole time. It’s like they put their heart and soul into every word. Amazing and convicting. This church is a multiracial church which is very rare-so powerful

After church we had a 4 hour lunch with 30 + people from all over the world. Congo, Angola, France, England, Germany etc…Some really amazing stories. I’m really learning how disconnected America is to the rest of society. Steven and Amy have really created/became apart of a vibrant community. I’m really proud of them-they deeply care for Africa and they really show love and concern to their friends.

Africa is very simple and very complex. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a lot of things. My goal is stay in the present. I want to hear stories, listen, learn etc. My problem is I see a problem and move to a “how can I fix that” mode. Kids can’t afford school, healthcare…Townships have no clinics, or police, therefore violence is rampant. Yet redemption is all around. God is doing a wonderful thing in Cape Town. How can I help? How can you help?

Also-I’ve never been more tired in my life. Basically I have not slept for days. Please pray for my body not to break down. I think I’m going on 15 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. Which is so not good.  I’m so tired I can fall asleep while in the middle of a conversation. I’m a high energy dude, especially when I’m with new people. So I’m not used to this.

The next few days will be rich. Hanging out with young leaders who are pushing envelope (my kinda of folks), working with some kids, going to local townships and hanging with some traditional pastors. FUN FUN FUN.

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  1. Chris, Diana and I are praying for you bro. I pray you have rest far greater than the actual sleep that you get. You’re a stud man. Thanks for the encouragement. It does my heart good to hear your stories…

    -J (the east coast jason)

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