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Wow, another great day…Too much to share.

We are heading to Zimbabwe tomorrow. So this will be my last post till I return.

I was just making a joke about how dangerous  Zimbabwe is going to be because of the LRA. Steven then informed me that I was actually right and we do need to be careful and hope we don’t encounter the LRA. *sigh*

Side note: For those who don’t know the LRA is an army that is anti-government and not nice 🙂

We should cross the  border in the middle of the night.

Now here is the kicker-we could spend hours at the border, we may have to bribe our way in and we do not have enough gas to return. I’m being quite serious-we are not for sure how we are going to get back into S. Africa. Steven’s friend was in Zimbabwe last week and the country had NO fuel. So it looks like we will have to find some gas on the black market? (fun)

On one hand I don’t want to make this sound any worse then it needs to. (I hope my wife is not reading this) But please pray for us. I know God has called us, therefore I’m not worried or stressed. And I also know many folks across the world are praying. So please continue.We drive 6 hours to the border and six hours in Zimbabwe.
It’s always fun to meet local S. Africans and you tell them your going to Zimbabwe and they are like “are you nuts.”

Gotta run. Time for a relaxing night of food and wine.




  1. I’m sending this out to all Intercessors! Shalom my friend!

  2. Just to let you all know how important your prayers are..rumor is Chris might have to do part of the driving to spell Stephen on the long journey. The rest of us are a bit nervous. 🙂

  3. Too late, I’ve already read it, and trying not to stress. Oh’ God, please grant them safety and your favor!

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