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I think God calls us to be people who are willing to take risk and live in danger. I don’t really like that thought, but how can one read the scripture and not be convinced that Jesus did not call us to live a comfortable and secure life.

While in Africa I felt safe 97% of the time. A street kid did threatened to “knife” me if I did not give him money. Driving in the middle of the night on Zimbabwe roads going 75 mph with 250 liters of petrol in the back while cows and people walk all over the place and buses and trucks fly by on the other side of the road can be a bit scary.

But that is not as bad as being stopped by the Zimbabwe police…The story goes like this:

Police: Sir, do you know you were speeding?

Steven: Oh really…

Police: Why is your friend (me) wearing a camouflaged hat?

Steven: Don’t know ask him.

Me: Crap, what do I say?

Police: Sir, it’s against the law to wear that hat, are you military?

Me: Oh, sorry I did not know.

Police: Sir get out of the car.

Me: Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus…OK…!

I went over to the other two police officers and they begin to tell me my crime. And they let me know that it’s a “major” infraction and I will be taken to jail for two days until I can see a judge. I tried to apologize and ask if I could pay the fine on the spot? They told me no, I needed to see the judge. They took my passport and called for a police car to pick me up.

Me: Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus.

However the negotiator eventually came to the rescue. Steven has experience in these types of situations and begin to negotiate. I tried to stay quiet and all-but I begin to open my mouth-luckily Steven pushed me away and told me to go to the car. Good move.

Basically they probably were never going to arrest me. And for the most part I never felt like I would go to jail. But I still did not like hearing the words arrest, jail and judge etc. I was not happy when they took my passport-my only way “legally” out of the country.

Eventually Steven had to pay them 100 rand…Which is like $20 US. And we were on our way.

The sad part is this: When the officer found out we were doing humanitarian work, she asked Steven if we would hire her and she would clean for us. That is how desperate Zimbabwe people are. There is no money, food or work-inflation is the highest in the world. It’s truly a desperate situation.

Needless to say I was a happy camper when Steven came back to the van with my passport. If it was up to me I would have given them anything they asked. It feels helpless to know that you have no power…They are the authority and we are at their mercy.

So please pray for Zimbabwe…So many beautiful people who are doing there best to survive. If it was me and my kids had no food I know I would do what ever is necessary to provide.

Next post will be about my encounter with a deadly lion…OK, just kidding 🙂


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    • strobe aka ..Goff
    • Posted November 21, 2007 at 11:07 pm
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    Thats crazy!!!

    p.s- Im so glad you survived all those lions marlow.

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